Empowering across age gaps

Cole has the gift too empower youth and adults of every age. Reaching each audience member at their level, showing them that they have the ability and capability to persevere through any challenges that come their way. 


Cole’s ability to understand and speak about topics that are relevant today is unmatched by older speakers. Cole can not only speak about these topics, he has lived through these situations and can give an uncommon perspective and with relatable and actionable insight. 

Meet Cole

Live like tomorrow is never promised

The vision was simple and the plan was completely laid out… “Get a Division one scholarship to Florida State University, be drafted into the NFL junior year, play a minimum of 10 years, retire and live the rest of my life rich and happy.” Curveball after curveball kept coming until life made it crystal clear football was not my purpose. The final blow coming on Aug 16, 2021 when I lost my father and hero, Anthony Beckham. 

However, in the face of loss I was shown that whatever life may have in store, all things will work together for our good. My heart for speaking comes from traveling with my parents all over the United States & Canada at school assemblies. I have been able to see first hand the impact my parents made in peoples lives by the power of words and motivational speaking and this instilled a great passion for me to follow in their footsteps.

Speaking Events & Audiences

Elementary/Middle School

Relevant topics presented in a fun and engaging way for information to be relatable and memorable.

High School

Presentations on topics often difficult to talk about delivered in a non-confrontational way allowing informed change from students.

College & UniversitY

Reaching young adults at critical periods in their life with inspirational messages that drive years of change.

Leadership & Corporate Events

Messaging and topics teaching leaders how to inspire and connect with coworkers and staff.

Topics of Discussion

Mental Health

One in five adults suffer from mental illness, with 75% of chronic mental illness starting by the age of 24. This topic is more relevant today than ever.

Social Emotional Learning

People today are more social than any previous time period. Learning how to interact socially, set boundaries, and find safe spaces is a critical life skill.

Overcoming Adversity

Learn life-changinig skills about how to face and overcome adversity in ways that allow you to protect both your mental and physical health.

Teamwork & Courage

Teamwork today often means working beside cultures and personalities from across the globe, sometimes never in person.


Identifying bullying and learning how to disengage and redirect in a healthy way to stop bullying and the possible effects it may cause.

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